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The Sincerity of Giving = Justice

“Philanthropy is about love of humanity, not just giving money to something,” explained Pamela. “Being kind and loving to other people, regardless of the situation, is an every day, every moment thing. This is natural giving that is authentic and sincere and makes anyone a giver right where they are.”

Texting to Keep People Safe and Healthy

Crisis Text Line is a 24/7 support for people in crisis. Anyone, anywhere in the United States, can text with a trained Crisis Counselor. Almost 40 million messages have been exchanged in three years, and countless individuals have been moved from a “hot moment” of despair to a place of “cool calm.”

Writing and Connecting with Teens

When I was a teenager, my dad died suddenly. What helped me – rescued me actually – in the months of grief and change was the ability to process the loss by expressing myself through creative outlets.