The Good Gift for the Holidays

Are there children and special friends on your gift list?
Want to give them a really awesome gift
one that offers meaning and can also change lives? Now that would be an awesome gift!

Contributions to non-profit organizations, the “care warriors” who work to lessen suffering, are important. But the really good gift is empathy and compassion because that is a powerful force that changes the world.

Here is how you can engage and enlist each family member and friend as a “care warrior” in the army of supporters for a worthy organization.

  • Ask them what they care about most – and what they would like to change as a “care warrior” if they could.
  • What “care warriors” do they want to support? (Click here for suggestions.)
  • Give a contribution in your recipient’s name!

The Good Gift Card

Click here for the Good Gift Card/Form page. Download and print as a gift card under the tree or fill out the form and email to the recipient.

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