People Doing Something About It

The Preparation of Courage for Doing What Matters in 2018

The very model of courage in the history of human progress is Martin Luther King Jr. A grateful nation acknowledges his contribution and sacrifice with a federal holiday honoring his birthday on January 15. Thinking about the arc of his selfless and tireless efforts to serve humanity inspired us to consider, what is courage?

The Tangible Gift of Hope

In this Weekly Yes, And Podcast, Travis Thomas recounts the inspiration and impact of the "Holiday Hope for the Homeless" he initiated in Palm Beach, Florida.

Choose RAK Friday, NOT Black Friday to Begin the Holidays!

Imagine hundreds of random people performing thousands of Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) in their communities to welcome the advent of holiday season! Four years ago parents Travis and Hollister Thomas wanted their kids to think of the day after Thanksgiving as something other than “Black Friday.”

The Sincerity of Giving = Justice

“Philanthropy is about love of humanity, not just giving money to something,” explained Pamela. “Being kind and loving to other people, regardless of the situation, is an every day, every moment thing. This is natural giving that is authentic and sincere and makes anyone a giver right where they are.”