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Inspiration House is devoted to helping humanity shift its values & behaviors and live more lightly and lovingly on Earth. Founded in 2006 by Carol Hohle, Inspiration House was born while Carol was attending Andover Newton Theological School as a graduate student. At an environmental symposium in 2006, sponsored by the Pachamama Alliance, she experienced a profound, personal ecological conversion. She then went on to study about religious environmental themes and wrote about the intersection of faith and the environment in her thesis.

After earning her MA in Psychology and Religion friends began asking Carol about her eco-conversion experience and inviting her to speak about it at their churches. From there requests came to learn about eco-spiritual practices. Book groups, early morning mediation groups, eco-prayer groups, and intro to eco-spirituality courses evolved. Different colleagues joined Inspiration House during different seasons and taught complimentary courses.

Today Inspiration House is evolving once again, responding to a demand for greater emphasis on eco-spiritual practices and online learning experiences.


The enormity of the environmental challenge can, at times, feel overwhelming and the role prayer and spirituality can play is often overlooked. Inspiration House also faces challenges as a small organization discerning how to grow and how to partner with others.

Spiritual Practices

Spiritual practices are the heart and soul of what they offer. Whether they are speaking with environmental leaders and activists OR helping individuals interested in changing their views and behaviors as a citizen of Earth – Inspiration House is always exploring how to live more thoughtfully by deliberating engaging in spiritual practices such as Gratitude, Reverence, and Humility.

Effects of Spiritual Practice

One example is Carol’s work with the Massachusetts Interfaith Climate Action Network. She had a tremendously successful time working with our state legislature – five environment related bills passed that year – and the conscious intention of Gratitude played a pivotal role. (You can read about it in this site’s blog post, “The power of gratitude in environmental advocacy.”)

Organization Needs

Inspiration House has a variety of educational material that needs to be adapted for use in an online educational environment. They would like to offer online courses on their own website or hosted and/or on educational community websites (such as Udemy). They need an individual(s) with online education development expertise who can adapt existing courses and individual practices. Also needed, web app development and video production skills.