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Who is your ‘Other’? Is it a group from a different religion, nation, ethnicity, race, gender, political party? What if you turned your ‘Other’ into your brother?”

This question is the premise of Janessa Gans Wilder’s Euphrates Institute, a global network of peacebuilders and changemakers, now comprising 25 chapters worldwide. Janessa started Euphrates after her career as a CIA analyst in Iraq, and as a direct result of shifting from seeing Iraqis as “the enemy” to seeing them as colleagues, friends, and brothers.

Euphrates offer programs that informs people about Middle East issues and invites them to transform into engaged and effective global citizens. Chapters around the world are forming to make this work practical and local. Learn more about Euphrates Institute and how you can join or form a chapter at

Also, read Janessa’s inspiring story about her experience in the Middle East and how Euphrates came to be, “Which Do You Choose: Others or Brothers?”